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Yes We Do! 

Septic Installs, Repairs, Inspections &

Maintanence Services 

Drain line jetting

We can jet your drain lines to clean out the sludge that has accumlated.


We treat systems with RootX

Root X

RootX working its way through the distribution box

Root Removal

We can remove roots from septic systems

Sanitary Tee Replacement

We can replace your corroded or failing sanitary tee with a new one that comes with a filter to prevent sludge from getting into your lines

Failing  System Repairs

We have a few options that can save or rejuvenate your existing system to prevent from having to excavate your yard up for a new system!


We have a hydro jetter that can go through your distribution box and blast water through the lines and clean out and sludge or debris from years of mistreatment to the system ("not pumping your tank regularly") 

We can also remove roots from your drain lines that may be preventing your system from working properly


Sanitary Tee replacement, One of the most important functioning parts of the system is your sanitary tee. Over the years depending on the style of tank they can fall off, corrode, or get stopped up. We can replace those old tees with what they install on new tanks!  We install 4"  Sanitary tees with a filter inside to prevent sludge from getting into your distribution box. 


New Installs

Travis Creech is a licensed septic installer & inspector in North Carolina, we are also certified through Infiltrator to install their septic system components. 


We Install EZ Flow & Infiltrator Chambers along with their plastic septic tanks. 


We install concrete tanks unless otherwise specified by the customer.


We also install ROCK BED Systems if your permit allows it! 


For a free quote on septic installation or repair send us a copy of the permit or repair permit to

Maintenance Services

We install & repair control panels, floats, and pumps for septic pump stations.

We have these items in stock in our shop in case you need one in an emergency. 


We also install Risers!! Stop tearing up that beautiful landscaped yard or sod!!!!

We offer several options for risers from plastic, concrete, and even steel manhole lids!


Septic Tank Point of Sale Inspections

We provide septic tank inspections for new home buyers, sellers, and realtors. This service provides you with documented detailed reports and pictures of they system on the property you are looking at! 


A lot of people would get into bad situations when purchasing a home and they septic tank would not work causing them to spend thousands of dollars to fix it or in some cases just deal with the issues it has.


When inspecting systems we require the homeowner to have the tank pumped out as the state of NC requires it now as well.   We provide detailed pictures of drain lines and components of the system and we also locate the drain lines on the property.

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