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Grease Traps

We specialize in grease trap maintenance services, we service a wide area for commercial and industrial clients. We have contracts available in weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and 60 day setups. We work with your local city or town and provide them with the required documents and information that they require you to have when maintaining a grease trap. 


Our trucks are equipped with the right equipment to go inside buildings as well to clean grease traps, we have 2'' and smaller hoses for going inside buildings with distances over 120' for your inside under the sink or in floor grease containers! 


Our staff is well mannered and dressed neatly for our jobs with our company logos on their apparel, if it does not have our logo on their apparel it is not us! 


All of our trucks and equipment are top notch, clean, and well maintained for the highest quality services that we provide. 



24 Hour Emergency Services

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